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Coronavirus Information

last updated 14.07.21

14.07.21- Outbreak Management Plan

Please find below a copy of the school's outbreak management plan. This details how the school would operate and the measures it would put in place if there was an outbreak of Covid-19 within the school.

28.5.21 Please find the latest flowcharts issued by Gloucestershire County Council.

14.05.21 - Letter from Headteacher about ongoing procedures from the 17th May.

Please visit our school's letters page for the latest information on the school's procedures following the Government changes on the 17th May.

08.01.21 - Family Space

An information poster on the local Family Space Lockdown programme can be found as an attachment at the bottom of this page.

08.01.21 - Guidance for parents and carers of children attending out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

The latest guidance for parents and carers can can be found on the Government website

04.01.21 - The latest government guidance on the national lockdown

 All the latest government guidance on the lockdown can be found on Government's website at

04.01.21- Critical workers and vulnerable children accessing school settings

The latest government guidance is available on website regarding critical workers and vulnerable children who can access schools or educational settings

03.12.20 - Letter from Gloucestershire County Council 

Please find below a letter from Gloucestershire County Council on ways to help keep our schools open

03.12.20 - Latest Covid symptoms at home flow diagram

Please find below the latest Covid flow diagram of what to do if you or someone in your household develops symptoms.

27.11.2020 - Latest government guidance

The latest Government information for parents and carers about about early years providers, schools and colleges in the autumn term can be found on the government website.

04.10.20 - Visitor Protocol

A copy of our visitor protocol during the pandemic can be found on our policies page at Visitor Protocol during Covid19

14.09.20 - Covid Symptoms at Home Flowchart

Please find below a copy of a Flowchart from Gloucestershire County Council with advice regarding Covid symptoms.   

04.10.20 - What parents and carers needs to know about early years providers, schools and colleges during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Information for parents and carers about the opening of early years providers, schools and colleges, safety in schools, attendance, transport, school meals and exams is available on the government website.

26.06.20 - Latest government guidance for staying safe online.

The latest support for parents and carers about keeping children safe online is available on the government website.

19.06.20 - Latest government guidance for parents of the wider re-opening of schools

The latest information for parents and carers about education settings during the coronavirus outbreak has now been updated and is available on the government website.

05.06.20 - Help available to you and others

Please find a link to the latest Government leaflet providing information and advice on what help is available to you during the Covid-19 pandemic.

01.06.20 - Government launches NHS test and trace scheme

Anyone with symptoms can now be  be tested and their close contacts will be traced. Anyone with a new, continuous cough, a high temperature or a change in their sense of smell or taste is asked to immediately report these symptoms and book a test at

18.05.20 - Feeding the 5,000 - Home Food Delivery in Cheltenham

Whether you are self-isolating, know someone who is, or would just like a great healthy and delicious dinner the Long Table are now offering ready meals delivered to your door for free. To find out more information on this scheme please see their 'Cheltenham Door-drop' flyer at the bottom of the page.

18.05.20 - Gloucestershire's Healthy Living & Learning newsletter

Please find the Gloucestershire's Healthy Living & Learning's latest newsletter containing help and well-being support to families within Cheltenham that you may find of interest/help. This newsletter can be found as a download at the bottom of the page.

07.05.20 - Information on the Emergency Living Fund

The County Council has extended its existing Welfare Support Scheme to create a new Emergency Living Fund to help people who are in financial hardship because of the coronavirus. Please visit the County Council's  Emergency Living Fund page for further information. A copy of their latest press release for this scheme can be found at the bottom of this page.

30.04.20 - Government Information leaflets

The Government's information leaflets are available in many different formats and languages, please visit the following website to find out more. 

23.04.20 - The Family Information Service

A free confidential advice line providing guidance and emotional support on any aspect of parenting and family life. Please see the information sheet below.

21.04.20 - Online learning resources from Oak National Academy

The Oak National Academy launched on Monday 20 April. This brand-new enterprise has been created by 40 teachers from some of the leading schools across England, backed by government grant funding. It provides 180 video lessons each week, across a broad range of subjects from maths to art to languages, for every year group from Reception through to Year 10.

20.04.20 - Latest Government guidance from the Department of Education

Please find the latest Government guidance for parents and carers during the coronavirus outbreak.

20.04.20 - 'COVIBOOK' supporting and reassuring children around the world

This website contains child-centred resources that have been translated into a range of languages. The books have been designed to support and reassure our children, under the age of 7, regarding COVID-19.  Please visit the Mindheart website to access these resources.

03.04.20 -  New guidance from GCC for parent carers around support available to help care for children with additional needs during the Covid-19 crisis

Please find below the latest guidance from GCC for parents who care for children with additional needs. This can be found as a download at the bottom of this page.

01.04.20 - Early Help team - support for families regarding electricity/gas

Those at home self isolating both staff and/or claimants may be worried about going out and being able to top up their meters and could be using more power than normal because they are home. If people can they should ask friends and family to help, but some may not be able to.

If they contact the numbers below, the supplier will send 2 weeks of power to you or similar.

BRITISH GAS  If you’re unable to do this, and you haven’t got anyone to help you, please call 0330 100 0303 Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm and we’ll help you.

EDF  Call 0330 200 5110 We also operate a friendly, non-disconnection policy on most meters. So if you run out of credit after 6pm your electricity will not go off until 9am the next day. This operates from 6pm to 9am Monday to Friday, 6pm on Saturday and any time on a Sunday or Bank Holiday, until 9am the next day

EON If your meter falls below 50p of emergency credit for electricity, or if you’re off supply for gas, you need to contact us and we will send an engineer to your home. It’s important to remember that any credit we issue will need to be repaid in order to reinstate customers’ energy supply.  0345 052 000

  • For electricity customers, where the meter is outside your property, we’ll put enough credit on the meter to ensure you remain on-supply throughout your self-isolation period.
  • Where the meter is inside, we’ll leave a meter key at your doorstep, make contact with you, and check the key works before leaving the property,
  • For gas customers, where the meter is outside, we’ll supply a maximum of £5 credit (this an industry restriction) and will also send a card in the post containing extra credit.
  • Where the meter is inside, we'll still attend the property and supply a maximum of £5 credit and send a card in the post with additional credit

N POWER  Call 0800 073 3000  No further details on the website.

SCOTTISH POWER  Please call us on 0800 027 0072

SSE  call us on 0345 600 2006 (Monday to Friday: 8am-8pm; Saturday: 9am-6pm; Sunday: 9am-5pm) so we can work out how to help. Our call centre might be busier than usual, but bear with us. Once you’re through we’ll review your individual situation and talk you through the options.

26.03.20 - Gloucestershire County Council - Covid-19 School questions

A dedicated phone line and email address have been set up to help parents with all school related enquiries, including questions relating to Free School Meals

26.03.20 - Gloucestershire Counselling Service

GCS offer a counselling service for children, young people and adults. During this time they are offering telephone and video call counselling services. Self registration is available via their website -