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School coronavirus information

 Updated 09.12.21

All the latest news about what the school are doing to help everyone stay safe during this time. 

If you suspect your child has coronavirus or has a positive test

Do not send your child to Kindergarten or School if:

You should follow public health advice on when to self-isolate and what to do.

We ask that all parents and carers continue to familiarise themselves with our risk assessment and our home/school agreement which can be found below.  We also ask parents and carers to familiarise themselves with our 'Contingency/Outbreak management plan' which can be found below. This plan is based on the DfE’s Contingency Framework which lays out how to manage local outbreaks of COVID-19.  This outlines “how we would operate” if any of the measures described in the guidance were recommended for our setting or area

If your child is at home and cannot attend school, they have access to a full suite or remote education learning opportunities as outlined in our Home learning, Remote education and Acceptable Use policies which can be found below.