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School Menu

September 2021 menus now available

Our menus rotate every 3 weeks.  From w/c 6th September it will be menu 1, w/c 13th September menu 2, w/c 20th September menu 3, and then w/c 27th September menu 1 etc. 

Meat-free Mondays! 

In partnership with our caterer provider Harrison, CKIS has launched a Meat-free Monday initiative.

Going meat free for a day is one of the best things that people can do to reduce their Carbon Footprint, according to the meat free monday campaign 'just not eating meat for one day saves the equivalent amount of CO2 that it would take to boil a kettle 338 times'.

As an eco-school, we are always looking at ways we can make a difference. We believe that making this one small change to what we eat for a day is a positive way to reduce our impact on the environment.