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Our learning behaviours & our 'RESPECT family'

As CKIS, we are proud of each and every one of our school community and the role that they have to play in making this the special place that it is. As such, we have high expectations of everyone, our children, staff and community. We have clear rules and expectations regarding how we should behave and act towards others and our environment.

At CKIS we focus upon ‘RESPECT’ learning behaviours throughout the school:

Meet the CKIS RESPECT family

Rebecca Resilience 

“I will take risks and always try again if I don’t succeed the first time”

Rebecca shows excellent resilience; she underpins all learning characteristics.

Eddie Empathy

“I know how others feel and how my actions can affect others”

Eddie is always empathetic (fair, compassionate, kind, courteous, unselfish)

Sophie Self-awareness

“I know how to keep myself safe and how to make good choices”

Sophie demonstrates excellent self-awareness (self-confident, self-disciplined, honest, humorous, adaptable)

Parveena Passion

“I like to try new things”

Parveena is passionate about everything she does (gratitude, motivated, positive attitude, inspires, willpower)

Elliott  Excellence

“I will do my best”

Elliot always demonstrates excellence (creative, curious, inquires, pride, critical thinking)

Callum Communication

“I will share with others”

Callum communicates well within the school community (listens, influences, feedback, reflective, evaluative, presence)

Tanisha Teamwork

“We will work together.”

Tanisha has strengths in working as part of a team (co-operates, responsible, cares, decision makes, helpful, unity, patient)































































































The children are encouraged to recognise and acknowledge these learning behaviours through daily provision and practice. They are supported to understand these positive behaviours through our school family of characters which highlight the learning behaviours we are all encouraging and looking for. These learning behaviours are highlighted and embedded within our daily discussions, assemblies, stories and throughout our curriculum.

Our school theme this term (January 2021) is 'Acceptance and Differences' and that we are all special in different ways. Our focus learning behaviour is 'Empathy' and our school learning character is Eddie and he will be helping us to explore what this learning behaviour looks like.