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Year 2 

Year 2 Spring term letter

Thank you for your ongoing support.

The main topic this term will be ‘FIRE!” where the children will be learning about the Great Fire of London. The curriculum has been designed so that, where appropriate, other activities are linked to this central theme. As we move through the term we will be following the children’s interests and identified next steps for learning. We look forward to seeing where the theme of Fire will take us (there could be dragons ahead!). We will be studying a range of texts in our English lessons and will be looking at both factual information and adventure stories.

Some lessons are taught discretely such as RE and PSHE. In PSHE we will be thinking about our own emotions and the feelings of others. In RE we will be learning about Christianity and why Christians celebrate Easter. We will also look at Chinese New Year. In PE we will practise simple team games as well as putting a range of movements together in a sequence in gymnastics.

Friday Fun Afternoon

We always look at our curriculum to ensure the children are able to enjoy a wide range of activities and work with children from other classes in the year group.

On a Friday afternoon the children are split into groups that are a mix of children from all three year 2 classes. They then take part in activities designed to enrich our curriculum. This year these activities will be ukulele lessons, French, science experiments and Forest School.


Once your child has signed up to a club they must be encouraged to attend every week. If your child is interested in joining a club in the spring term please speak to your class teacher as there may be spaces available. Please ensure teachers are informed if your child will not be attending a club. Where clubs are on a rota basis, please check when your child starts and finishes their rotation.

Spelling and Phonics

Children will continue to receive daily phonics lessons in Year 2. These are designed to build on the phonics the children have gained during Reception and Year 1. As the children progress through Year 2 we would expect them to become independent spellers using both their phonic knowledge and dictionary skills to spell with increasing accuracy. We will continue to give you feedback about the progress your child is making on our ‘Common Exception’ word lists each term.

Home learning and Reading

The class teacher supervises the reading books taken home, but the children will choose their own books from within their allocated book band. We would be grateful if you could sign and date each time your child reads at home, encouraging your child to complete the reading diary themselves at least twice a week. Please encourage your child to write the date, title of the book, author and a comment. As children progress through year two we would expect their comments to become more detailed. The reading diaries are an excellent way to support the teaching of writing that happens in school. It is important to encourage children to read a wide variety of different texts including non-fiction. Books do not have to be returned daily.

Home learning project

This term we would encourage you to support our ‘fire’ topic by creating something at home. We would like to leave this as open as possible so that children can be creative and are able to reflect their own interests and skills.

Some suggestions include:

  • Creating a 3D model
  • Writing your own quest story
  • Making a project poster based on the Great Fire.
  • Creating your own themed costume

We will share the children’s creative ideas with you at the end of the term.

Offers of help

Offers of classroom help are always much appreciated. If you are able to help please give your child’s class teacher a note with the times you are available. This can be a one off or more regular support. We really appreciate parents who will come and listen to children read. If you have a special talent you would like to share with the children or an activity you feel you could lead, then please contact your child’s class teacher.

Parents’ Evenings and class visits

We look forward to meeting with you individually on the 12th and 13th of February (our on-line booking system will be available from 21st January).

Magenta Class family assembly and open classroom – Thursday 17th January

Indigo Class family assembly and open classroom – Thursday 24th January

Violet Class family assembly and open classroom – Thursday 31st January 


School begins at 8.50 each morning. Please ensure children are lined up ready to enter the classroom just before this time. To ensure the children are kept safe, the gate for Magenta and the door for Indigo and Violet class will be shut as soon as the teachers bring the children in from the line.

Many thanks,

The year 2 team.