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School Eco Council

At CKIS, we believe in democracy and the right of every member of our school to 'have a voice'. Our whole school termly themes are Community, Responsibility, Tolerance & Mutual respect, Acceptance and Difference, Kindness and Freedom. These themes alongside our rich curriculum and daily practice help our pupils to value Individual Liberty and to follow the Rule of Law. Our school themes each term encourage us to reflect upon our British Values, with democracy being central.

We recognise the importance of being a good listener and sharing the ideas of others as key qualities for each council member to have. We vote at the beginning of the year for a girl and a boy in each class to represent our school council (YR, Y1 and Y2).  As an Eco school, we also ensure that our meetings have a regular Eco focus.

This year we have focused on the following priorities:

- Capturing pupil voices on 'feeling safe in school'

- Eco priorities, including litter collection, waste paper collection, monitoring of wastage, switch off fortnight etc

- Reviewing school lunch menus