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Return to school for all pupils and remote learning information

(Last updated 19.04.21)

We continue to refer to the Government's roadmap for leaving lockdown and updated Government guidelines regarding the protective measures required to continue to safeguard all within our school community.

07.04.21 Updated guidance from the DfE for parents and carers

The DfE have updated their guidance  what parents and carers need to know about early years providers, schools and colleges and parents and carers of children attending out-of-school settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

We ask that all parents and carers familiarise themselves with  updated risk assessment for April 2021 and our home/school agreement which can be found below.

Common questions and answers:

What happens if my child is attending the Kindergarten or school provision and shows symptoms of illness prior to attending? 

Please ensure that your child does not attend kindergarten/school if they show symptoms of Covid19 and follow the government guidance;

What happens if my child has been accessing the Kindergarten or school provision and has to isolate/shield/quarantine at home and cannot attend?

If your child is at home and cannot attend school, they have access to a full suite or remote education learning opportunities as outlined in our Home learning policy and Remote Education annex which can be found below.