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Charlton Kings Infants' School

Year 2 

Year 2 Curriculum Letter

Dear Parents, 

Term 5

The main topic for this term is ‘Into the Forest’, as part of our ‘Land and Sea’ overall topic that will continue into term 6. The geography and science curriculum will be covered through this topic. We will be investigating the school grounds including the nature area looking for invertebrates and we shall be discussing recycling in the local area and how it affects our world.



Over the next term we will be studying a story based in a forest and the children will be writing letters, instructions and descriptions based on this book.

Within these contexts the children will have the opportunity to:

  • read aloud with intonation and expression appropriate to the grammar and punctuation of a sentence  
  • secure their understanding and use of simple sentences in their own writing  
  • discuss and compare story themes  
  • present instructions using clear vocabulary 
  • learn the format of a letter
  • research and compose their own information text on a topic.

The children will continue to take part in daily phonics sessions appropriate to their understanding. Reading is also taught during guided reading and comprehension sessions.


Thank you for supporting your child in the completion of their fortnightly maths homework. If you have any questions about the maths homework please contact the class teacher as early as possible. All Y2 children have access to ‘Mathletics’ and we would encourage children to make the most of this resource.

Children can be helped at home with oral maths, addition and subtraction, and counting objects in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. Other skills to practise are telling the time, counting pocket money, looking for prices, weights and liquid measures at the supermarket and in the kitchen. We return regularly to these skills, but any additional practice is invaluable.



The topic we will be covering this term is ‘Young Gardeners’. Using the school grounds, children will be locating and identifying common invertebrates. They will learn to compare them to other invertebrates and themselves. They will learn to ask and answer questions about them. We will discuss how we can encourage and keep invertebrates in the school grounds and we will discuss how some animals depend on other animals for food. We will be looking at plants and growing in our outside areas.


The children will be taking part in athletics and games sessions this term. The children will explore and use ball skills, play simple games and apply rules and tactics in their games sessions. In athletics, they will develop their basic running, jumping, throwing and catching skills. Children also take part in PE during creative activities and therefore need their PE kit in school everyday. This should consist of a t-shirt, a pair of shorts and plimsolls. Earrings cannot be worn during PE and children with long hair will need to have it tied up.


This term we are studying the artist David Hockney and looking at his work based on natural features. Children will experiment with oil pastels, paints and computers to create different effects.


For our music this term we shall be exploring timbre, tempo and dynamics and exploring sounds. Children will continue to learn songs during worship and during Wednesday afternoon creative activities.


In Computing the children will be thinking about the way they use technology.  They will discuss how they can be better digital citizens and develop their own responses through role-play. They will apply their understanding when discussing this skill at home.



In RE the children will learn about aspects of Christianity.  We will learn about the good news that Christians believes that Jesus brings.

In PSHE, we will be learning about ‘Healthy and Safer Lifestyles’ focussing on understanding what bullying is and what to do if you are being bullied.

Home Reading and Reading Diaries

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in completing the reading diary with your child. We can really see the results of this effort in your child’s written work in school. 



If your child is physically sick please remember they should not return to school within 48 hours.

Holidays are best taken out of term time to ensure your child does not miss out on school life. 



The children have shown great commitment to the clubs so far this year. Please ensure teachers are informed if your child will not be attending a club. 


Offers of help

Many offers of help have been gratefully received over the year. If you are interested or have recently become available please let your class teacher know what day/hours you would like to offer. Thank you to those parents who already offer help around the school. You make a valuable contribution to our school and it is always appreciated.


End of Key Stage Assessments

The end of key stage assessments will take place this term. We work hard to ensure that this process has no impact on your child and would hope that they will remain unaware anything different is taking place. We will explain the process in detail next term (Date TBC). If you would like more information in the meantime please visit our class pages where you will find the DFE booklet ‘Information for parents’.

Progress Reports

We look forward to sharing your child’s development with you when their written reports are issued in July. Until then, if you ever have any queries or anxieties regarding any aspect of your child’s school life please see us as soon as they arise so that we can find solutions together.


Neil Owens (Head of KS1)


Eleanor Hunt                        Jane Morgan            Rebecca Koller