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Charlton Kings Infants' School

Year 2 

Year 2 Curriculum Letter

Welcome to Year 2

As the children move into Year 2 they take on the responsibility of being the oldest children in the school. With this in mind the children take part in a variety of activities such as: school clubs; being on the school council and eco committee; being library helpers; lunchtime monitors and taking the role of playground buddies for the reception children.

The main theme this term will be ‘Who do you think you are?” where the children will be celebrating their individuality and learning about Charlton Kings now and in the past. The curriculum has been designed so that, where appropriate, other activities are linked to this central theme.

Please support us to launch this theme by discussing your child’s talents during the holidays in order for the children to share these during our first week in year 2.  Perhaps your child could make a short film of their talent or make a simple leaflet or poster.

Our Curriculum

As ‘Artists’, we will be learning how to mix colours and respond to the work of famous artists. As ‘Musicians’ we will be playing simple rhythmic patterns on an instrument. As ‘Scientists’ we will be using our senses to describe and classify objects. As computer users we will be word processing a piece of text and capturing still and moving images.

As ‘Geographers’ we will be visiting our local area where we will make observations about the facilities our village needs. As ‘Historians’ we will be asking and answering questions about Charlton Kings in the past. As ‘Designers’ we will be using our own ideas to plan, adapt and evaluate our own moving models.

Please see our curriculum maps on the website for a detailed outline of the objectives children will be working on this term in each subject. We are very lucky in Y2 to have an extra room and access to outdoor areas throughout the day. During this theme the children will be using these spaces throughout the day to broaden their understanding and learn through a range of investigation based activities. These will include taking on roles, exploring construction activities, investigations with malleable materials, art activities and many more exciting opportunities to explore.


Friday Afternoon

We always look at our curriculum to ensure the children are able to enjoy a wide range of activities and work with children from other classes in the year group.

On a Friday afternoon the children will be split into groups that are a mix of children from all three year 2 classes. They will then take part in activities designed to enrich our curriculum. This year these activities will be ukulele lessons, French, science experiments and Forest School.


A letter will be sent out in September outlining the choice of after-school and lunchtime clubs offered by the staff. Once your child has signed up to a club they must be encouraged to attend every week.

Spelling and Phonics

Children will continue to receive daily phonic lessons in Year 2. These are designed to build on the phonics the children have gained during Reception and Year 1. As the children progress through Year 2 we would expect them to become independent spellers using both their phonic knowledge and dictionary skills to spell with increasing accuracy. Please see the spelling letter for a detailed explanation of our approach to spellings this year.

Homework and Reading

The class teacher supervises the reading books taken home, but the children will choose their own books. These may not always be at your child’s reading level but are to share at home with you. Your child should complete the reading diary at least once a week. Each entry must include the date, title of the book, author and a comment written by your child. As children progress through year two we would expect their comments to become more detailed. The reading diaries are an excellent way to support the teaching of writing that happens in school. It is important to encourage children to read a wide variety of different texts including non-fiction. Books do not have to be returned daily. Please use your online ‘Bug Club’ reading account to support and extend your child’s reading.

Your child will receive maths homework once a fortnight. This will be a range of worksheets designed to support the learning that has taken place in class and you can complete it at a pace appropriate for your child. We will relaunch ‘Mathletics’ for the Year 2 children early in September and encourage your children to access this resource from home.

Offers of help

Offers of classroom help are always much appreciated. If you are able to help please give your class teacher a note with the times you are available. This can be a one off or more regular support. We really appreciate parents who will come and listen to children read. If you have a special talent you would like to share with the children or an activity you feel you could lead, then please contact your class teacher.


School begins at 8.50 each morning. Please ensure children are lined up ready to enter the classroom just before this time. To ensure the children are kept safe the gate for Magenta and the door for Indigo and Violet class will be shut as soon as the teachers bring the children in from the line.

We wish you all a wonderful summer holiday and we look forward to a fantastic year together.


Neil Owens (Head of KS1)


Eleanor Hunt                       Rebecca Koller        Jane Morgan