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Charlton Kings Infants' School

Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


We are looking forward to a fun-filled year. The children will work with increasing independence and we look forward to seeing them develop as confident and resilient learners as they make their way through this pivotal year.

The main theme this term will be ‘What can you see in the dark?’ We will follow the children’s interests and we are excited to work with the children to see which direction our big question will lead us towards. It could perhaps be learning about nocturnal animals, space or underground caves depending on the children’s ideas. We will be studying some fantastic texts in our English work which will focus on the characters’ ability to overcome fears and acknowledge how everyone is different and special. As ‘Artists’, we will be learning how to sketch and as ‘Musicians’ we will be performing songs to our friends using instruments. As ‘Scientists’ we will be naming parts of the human body and discovering what our senses do. As ‘Computer Users’ we will be creating instructions for programmable toys.

Some areas of our curriculum will be delivered for the duration of the year as part of our continuous provision. As ‘Geographers’ we will be visiting our weather station where we will make observations about changes in seasons and weather. As ‘Historians’ we will be asking and answering questions about an artefact of the week. As ‘Designers’ we will be using our own ideas to plan, adapt and evaluate large scale models in our outside area.

Some lessons will be taught discretely such as RE and PSHE. In PSHE we will focus on establishing class rules and understanding our responsibilities. In RE we will talk about welcoming ceremonies from different religions. In PE we will practise underarm throwing and begin to apply simple tactics in a team game.

Friday Afternoon

We are constantly reviewing our curriculum to ensure all children are able to enjoy a wide range of activities and work with children from other classes in the year group. On a Friday afternoon the children will be split into groups that are a mix of children from all three Year 1 classes. They will then take part in planned learning opportunities designed to enrich our curriculum and further develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding across a wide range of subjects. This year these activities will include Forest School, yoga and arts & crafts.

Spelling and Phonics

Children will continue to receive daily phonic lessons in Year 1. These are designed to build on the phonic knowledge the children have gained during their reception year. The children will be given a list of common exception words to learn to spell each term. In order for the children to spell these words consistently and independently, they need to repeat them regularly and apply them in their own writing. Please see the spelling letter for a detailed explanation of our approach to spellings this year.

Home learning and Reading

The class teacher supervises the reading books taken home, but the children will choose their own books. These may not always be at your child’s reading level but are to share at home with you. Your child should complete the reading diary at least once a week. Each entry must include the date, title of the book and a comment written by your child. As children progress through Year 1, we would expect their comments to become more detailed. The reading diaries are an excellent way to support the teaching of writing that happens in school. It is important to encourage children to read a wide variety of different texts including non-fiction and poetry. Books do not have to be returned daily. Please use your online ‘Bug Club’ reading account to support and extend your child’s reading. Your child will also have access to an online programme called ‘mathletics’. More information will be provided in September.

In September it would be lovely for the children to bring in a holiday diary and share them with their class. This is also a great opportunity to practise their writing over the summer break.

Offers of help

Offers of classroom help are always much appreciated. If you are able to help please give your class teacher a note with the times you are available. This can be a one off or more regular support. We really appreciate parents who will come and listen to children read. If you have a special talent you would like to share with the children or an activity you feel you could lead, then please contact your class teacher.


School begins at 8.50 each morning. Please ensure children are lined up ready to enter the classroom just before this time. Phonic teaching begins immediately so it is essential that children arrive at school punctually.

We wish you all a wonderful summer holiday and we look forward to a fantastic year together.



Year 1 Team