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Charlton Kings Infants' School

Vision and Values

Ethos and Vision statement


Children and community at the centre

Kindness and consideration for all

Inspirational learning that challenges and excites

Striving to reach our true potential

Children and community at the centre: 

  • Our school is a family that provides a positive, happy, caring, safe and supportive environment.

  • As a family, our school plays an integral part within the wider community.

  • Governors, staff, parents and children work in partnership to secure ongoing school improvement.

Kindness and consideration for all:

  • Everyone in our school community is encouraged to have respect for themselves, others and their environment.

  • All adults and children are valued, respected and treated with integrity.

  • We believe that we should do our best to recycle and sustain in order to help to preserve the world’s resources.

Inspirational learning that challenges and excites:

  • We offer opportunities which promote independent learning, self-motivation and enquiring minds.

  • We ensure that our learning environments are safe, well organised, resourced and motivating.

  • We aim to provide stimulating and exciting learning opportunities that encourage individuals to explore, experiment, take risks, reflect, be critical and gain confidence.

Striving to reach our true potential

  • We offer a nurturing and caring environment that promotes positive self-worth and high esteem for adults and children alike.

  • We actively encourage all members of our school community to take responsibility for their learning by enabling them to reflect, question, take risks and challenge their thinking.

  • We believe that our school should provide every opportunity for each child and adult to realise their full potential.