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Survey Results

Many thanks for all those parents that completed the recent survey.

We received 105 responses 

Strongly agree/ agree

1. My child feels safe at school


2. The school is a welcoming and friendly place


3. My child is happy and enjoys school


4. I receive valuable information from the school about my child's progress


5. My child receives appropriate homework for their ability and is engaged in their homework


6. The school responds well to any suggestions or concern that I raise (a high percentage of parents felt unable to comment as they had not had any suggestions/concerns)


7. The school is well led and managed and I am aware of the role of the governors


8. I am well informed about school events and any information relating to my child


Please find below the four key priorities identified together with examples of what we are already doing and priorities for further improvement:

Key Priority Established practices and developments to date Priorities for further improvement
1. Improving communication between school and home
  • School newsletter every other week - key information, learning and dates
  • Reminding parents of school APP
  • Improved use of text messages and alerts
  • Use of class tweets (linked to class pages on the CKIS website)
  • Year group termly letters on year group pages
  • Calendar on CKIS website - notification of key events for the year
  • Review website
  • Further consider how to centralise communication
  • Consider further use of social media
2. Improving parental awareness and understanding of the role of the Governing Body
  • Governors regularly attending school events
  • Governor identification badges to be worn at school events
  • Governor newsletter
  • Suggestion box
  • Governor 'slot' on school newsletter
3. Further developing home learning opportunities
  • Reading records
  • Weekly spellings and high frequency words in KS1
  • Optional mathletics
  • Home learning projects
  • Develop cross curricular home learning projects from September 2017
  • Review home learning for English and Maths
4. Increase opportunities to inform parents about their child's progress and attainment during the school year
  • Formal parents eventing twice a year (advice given about specific targets for learning)
  • Wednesday wanders each term
  • Class visits - focus - eg Maths
  • Annual reports
  • Increase transition meetings
  • Develop parental workshops
  • Increase information and advice available on CKIS website on how to support your child's learning at home - ie Maths zone, English zone, Curriculum zone
  • Explore open classroom events
  • Develop on-line parent share
  • Consider flexible days for parental 'wanders'