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Parking Notice

Problems caused by inconsiderate and/or illegal parking in the vicinity of our school during morning drop off and afternoon pick up are a constant cause of complaint.

Parking illegally or inconsiderately not only causes inconvenience to local residents and undermines the school's efforts to be a good neighbour, but creates road safety issues, including danger to pedestrians crossing roads.

 To date it is extremely fortunate that no-one has been seriously injured (or worse) as a direct result of such bad parking but the potential for such an occurrence is ever present.

Under no circumstances should vehicles stop or park on the yellow school 'keep clear' markings, or near the school entrance preventing access for emergency services.



Please consider these issues when parking.  This may mean parking a little further away from the school.  We are fortunate that parking is allowed in the car park of The Charlton Kings Club in Church Street for pick up and drop off only.