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Charlton Kings Infants' School

Our Governors

Ever thought of becoming a school governor?

We have a very dedicated and professional Governing Body.   

Being a governor is a great opportunity to give something back, learn new skills and make a difference to our school.  If you are interested in becoming a governor please contact either Henning Schmidt, chair of governors via the school or Kate Sales, clerk to the governors - for more information.   


Committee membership and key posts/specialist roles:

  • Able, Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator - Katie James

  • Admission Panel - Rebecca Pritchard/Henning Schmidt

  • Child Protection Governor - Hannah Crocker

  • PFA Liaison Governor - Fran Tyler

  • SMSC Governor - Jo Bagley/Paul Engelbrecht

  • Health & Safety Governor - Paul Engelbrecht/Claire Russell

  • Inclusion Governors (including SEND) - Rebecca Pritchard

  • School SEN Advisor to the GB - Jo Jones

  • Presenting Officer for Appeals - Jo Jones

  • Pupil Discipline and Exclusion - Paul Engelbrecht

Introducing the current Governing Body:



Paul Engelbrecht - Member Governor

Term of Office - 7/9/15 - 6/9/19


Finance & Operations Committee; Health & Safety Officer; Staff & Pay Appeals; Pupil Discipline and Exclusion Panel

Governor alignment: Health & Safety; SMSC

About Me:

I moved to Cheltenham from Zimbabwe, in 2001 having had to flee the country after taking on the Government and its land grab policy! I qualified as a lawyer there through distance learning whilst working. Now married to Tessa, we have two great children, Holly and Adam. We have lived in Charlton Kings since 2009 and became involved as a governor as I was interested in learning more about the school and how it works to assist with the good work already done.  Basically to try and make a difference instead of talking about it!   I am pretty direct with a no-nonsense approach to most things!

I am a keen sportsman having represented the country in cricket and provincial schools rugby. I enjoy playing and watching most sports – much to the delight of my wife!

Personal interests relevant to the role:

I am now involved in owning and running a local legal practice and being involved in the business community for the last 14 years. This should hopefully help with contacts and knowledge in making similar decisions for the school and people involved with it. It is important that children have confidence and ability but to achieve this requires a great education at school and in the home. We must try to help develop the next generation to help themselves.

Register of Interests:

Vice President Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce.



Joanne Bagley - Parent Governor

Term of Office: 8/9/14 - 7/9/18


Joint Vice Chair September 2015 - present; Provisions Committee; SMSC Governor

Governor alignment: Premises; English; SMSC

About Me: 

I was born and bred in Cheltenham. I studied at Cardiff University before moving to London where I worked in investment management. I changed career to publishing after completing a masters in Edinburgh in 2008. I am married to Greg, an Australian sports fanatic, and we have two boys at CKIS. We moved back to Cheltenham to be close to family in 2011. I am a keen (albeit very amateur!!) triathelete. 

Personal interets relevant to the role: 

With two boys, now at CKJS, I wanted to offer my support to their wonderful school and help maintain its excellent standards.

Register of Interests:




James Atack - Parent Governor 

Term of Office: 8/9/14 - 7/9/18


Chair of Governors September 2015 - September 2018; Headteacher Performance Management; Pay Panel; Provisions Committee; Staff Dismissal

Governor alignment: Premises; EYFS; Child Protection & Safeguarding; Kids Club

About Me: 

I was born in Leeds and then relocated to Lechlade in Gloucestershire for my formative years at secondary school.  After studying at university and travelling for a while I settled down with my wife to work and live in Cheltenham.  We had our first daughter in 2010 and she joined CKIS in September 2014.  We now have another daughter (aged 2) and we look forward to her starting at CKIS in due course.  I love my family, mountain biking, snowboarding, music and Kung Fu.

Personal interests relevant to the role:

I work in the construction sector and have qualifications in energy efficiency and sustainable building.  I hope that these skills and insight into the construction industry can support the school and its staff to provide the best environment for our children.

Register of Interests:

Commercial Manager at Harbour Render Systems and parent of pupil attending Charlton Kings Infants' School.


Hannah Crocker - Parent Governor

Term of Office: 26/09/16 - 25/09/20


Provisions Committee; Child Protection Governor

Governor alignment: Child Protection & Safeguarding; Creative Curriculum & Continuous Provision

About Me:

I moved to Charlton Kings from Bristol 4 years ago. I have been a secondary school teacher for the past 10 years and currently work at Gloucester Academy. I have a real passion for the education system and have found myself more and more interested in primary school education since my son, Frank, started at CKIS in 2015. I have a younger son who will be applying for his place to start in September 2017.

I have two dogs and am very much an active and outdoors person, I grew up in East Anglia so being surrounded by hills is still a novelty for me!

Personal interests relevant to the role:

As both a teacher and a parent I feel I will have balanced and helpful opinions to offer as the school undergoes a period of transition.

Register of Interests:

Parent of pupils attending Charlton Kings Infants' School. 


Henning Schmidt - Parent Governor

Term of Office: 26/09/16 - 25/09/20


Chair of Governors September 2018 - present; Finance & Operations Committee; Pay Panel; Admissions Panel.

Governor alignment: Community & Communications; Transition

About Me:

I was born in Hamburg and lived in Switzerland before moving to Cheltenham in 2004. My professional life is about creating visions and delivering strategies within the leadership structures of organisations. I have a close and loving relationship with my son Joey who started at CKIS. As a small family we like meeting up with friends, travelling, watersports and we love the great outdoors.

Personal interests relevant to the role:

To give our children a good start in life I believe their emotional and social development paired with excellence in education is paramount. I’m an active part of the Charlton Kings community and want to learn more about the school. Professionally, I have experiences in the governance of organisations and strategic change which I want to bring to the role of school governor. I feel this is also a way of giving back to the local community.

Register of Interests:

Parent of pupil attending Charlton Kings Infants' School. 


Katie James - Headteacher 

Term of Office: 1/1/17 - 


 Health and Safety; School Self Evaluation; Able, Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator; Designated Safeguarding Lead.


About Me: 

I have over 23 years of teaching and leadership experience and have been directly involved in facilitating improvement in a large number of schools and early years settings.

I am committed to ensuring that every child achieves their true potential and that we secure an outstanding learning community for all.  I am passionate about building strong partnerships between home, school and community in order to achieve this.

I started teaching in Wootton Bassett in 1994 and have led improvement in a number of infant and primary schools across Swindon both as a school leader and as the Senior Early Years Consultant for Swindon LA.  Since 2011 I have been a core member of the Senior Leadership team at Grange Federation.  

I was born in Cheltenham and have a strong family connection to Charlton Kings.  My father grew up in Horsefair Street and my uncle attended the school as a young child.  I am thrilled to be joining CKIS as head teacher and look forward to an exciting future.

Register of Interests:

Head teacher at Charlton Kings Infants' School.




Frances Tyler - Staff Governor

Term of Office: 10/7/15  - 9/7/19


Provisions Committee; PFA Liaison Governor

Governor alignment: Community & Communications;

About Me:

I am married and live in Cheltenham.  I attended the school, with my three sisters, when I was an infant!  I am in my seventh year at the school.

Personal interests relevant to the role:

I am creative in many areas.

Register of Interests:

Teacher at Charlton Kings Infants' School


Claire Russell - Staff Governor

Term of Office: 10/7/15 -9/7/19


Finance & Operations Committee; Health & Safety Governor

Governor alignment: Health & Safety

About Me:

Personal interests relevant to the role:

Register of Interests:

Member of support staff at Charlton Kings Kindergarten.​


Jo Jones - Staff Governor

Term of Office - 8/9/15 - 7/9/19


Provisions Committee; School SEN Advisor to the GB;  Presenting Officer for Appeals

    About Me:

I have been teaching for over 20 years, 11 of which have been here at CKIS where I am now the special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCo).   I am married with two sons, one in junior school and the other embarking upon his GCSEs.  Thanks to my husband’s RAF career, I have worked in four different local authorities, teaching all ages from Reception to Year 7.  My degree is in French and Italian which I rarely use in my current role.  Now I have a particular interest in the emotional and mental well-being of children and young people. 

I have also been a governor at my sons’ junior school in Churchdown for six years.  It is my way of contributing to the life of the school and I also find this gives me an insight into life after key stage 1. 

Outside of school, I enjoy reading, baking and walking our dog, Angus.   

Personal interests relevant to the role: 

Having been here at CKIS for such a long time, I have a real emotional connection with the institution.  I am keen to bring my experience in education and as a governor when contributing to strategic planning for the future of the school.  I am very proud of what we achieve here at CKIS.  It is a fantastic school to work and learn in.

Register of Interests:

SENCo at Charlton Kings Infants' School. LA Governor at Churchdown Village Junior School.



Rebecca Pritchard - Co-opted Governor

Term of Office - 30/6/16 - 29/6/20

Responsibilities: Provisions Committee; Inclusion Governor; Admissions Panel

Governor alignment: EYFS; Inclusion



About me:

I have lived in Charlton Kings with my husband Lee for 8 years.  We have two children and feel very fortunate to live and work in such a lovely part of the country.

Personal interests relevant to the role:

I have spent a number of years working within education, initially as a primary school teacher and more recently as an educational psychologist.  I currently lecture at the University of Gloucestershire in Early Childhood Studies.  I have always considered it a privilege to be involved in supporting children's development and look forward to contributing to the school community.

Register of Interests:

Parent of pupil attending Charlton Kings Infants' School



Alan Waller - Member Governor

Term of Office - 21/9/17 - 20/9/21

Responsibilities: Finance & Operations Committee

Governor alignment: Maths



About me:


Personal interests relevant to the role:


Register of Interests:


FORMER GOVERNORS (2014-2015 & 2015-2016 & 2016-17)

Mr Laurence Reilly - Parent Governor - 2/11/10 - 3/9/14 

Mrs Christine Paris-Johnstone - 21/10/14 - resignation accepted 11/1/17

Mrs Rebecca Koller - Staff Governor - 19/9/11 - 18/9/15

Mrs Elizabeth Dalton - Staff Governor - 8/11/11 - resignation accepted 8/7/15

Mrs Loredano Fulvio-Mason - Staff Governor - 8/11/11 - resignation accepted 8/7/15

Mr Peter Petrie - Member Governor - 1/12/10 - 2/12/14

Mr Gerard Whitten-Brown - Member Governor 19/9/13 - resignation accepted 14/11/15

Mrs Valerie Dirken - Co-opted Governor - 2/9/14 - resignation accepted 10/7/15

Mr Mathew Fletcher - Co-opted Governor - 2/9/14 - resignation accepted 3/7/15

Mrs Lucy Parry - Co-opted Governor - 18/5/16 - resignation accepted 14/7/16

Mr Neil Owens - Staff Governor - 31/8/12 - 30/8/16

Mrs Christine Paris-Johnstone -  Parent Governor - 21/10/13 -  resignation accepted 23/1/17

Mrs Melanie Main - Staff Governor - 31/08/16 - resignation accepted 20/3/17

Mrs Heather Eggelton - Parent Governor -   7/9/15 - resignation accepted 23/3/17

Mr Tony Jones - Member Governor - 1/5/00 - resignation accepted  13/7/17

Miss Tracey Bevan - Co-opted Governor - 10/5/12 - resignation accepted  13/7/17

Mr Dominic Burke - Member Governor - 24/11/2015 - resignation accepted 4/3/18

Dr Hilary Smith - Parent Governor - 8/9/14 - resignation accepted 16/4/18

Mr Will Partridge - Member Governor - 5/10/07 - resignation accepted 4/7/18

Mr Simon Thomas - Member Governor -  1/7/11- resignation accepted 4/7/18

Mrs Vera Storey - Staff Governor - 3/9/14 - resignation accepted 4/7/18


Key to membership:
  • Parent Governors - elected by the parents/carers of pupils attending Charlton Kings Infants' School
  • Member Governors - elected by the members of the Governing Body of Charlton Kings Infants' School
  • Staff Governors - elected by the staff of Charlton Kings Infants' School
  • Co-opted Governors - elected by the members of the Governing Body of Charlton Kings Infants' School