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Charlton Kings Infants' School

Green Class

Welcome to Green Class page


Mrs Jones teaches Green Class.  

Mrs Nevin, Mrs Herbert, Mrs Fulvio Mason and Miss Scrivin are our Teaching Assistants.


You can contact Mrs Jones via email

We now have a class Twitter page. Follow us - @CKISGreenClas


Year 1 Information Term 1 2017       

Dear Parents

Welcome to Year 1.  The topic for term 1 in Year 1 is  ‘Memory Box’.  As such, we would like to suggest a holiday home learning project based on this.  We ask for the children to bring in a Memory Box they have made at the start of term which tells us all about them and their past – their interests, their families, their pets.  As for what you put in, anything goes really so long as it is not too precious or alive!  We suggest artefacts, souvenirs, photographs, writing but wait to be amazed by your creativity and originality.  Please decorate the box in a way that expresses your child’s personality. 


Throughout Year 1 your child will continue to develop their reading skills. Teachers will spend some time each day on dedicated phonic work to help your child read individual words. For the children’s “home readers”, they will be selecting their own books (with increasing independence) from a box of appropriately levelled books.  Please bear with us in these early weeks as we work with your children to ensure they are reading books from the correct band.  Children will choose a book from their coloured band to read at home with your support. It is important that you hear your child read regularly. We hope that your child will now be starting to write their own comments in their reading diary. Please encourage your child to take pride in their diary by writing in a pencil rather than ink pens. 

Continuous Provision in Year 1

Hopefully you will feel informed about the way our school day is designed and curriculum delivered following our recent parents’ information evening.  A key element of Continuous Provision is that while we plan learning experiences for your children, we will be led by their interests and ideas.  Having said that, we intend to deliver curriculum subjects as detailed below – unless of course we get taken on a vastly different learning journey by your children! 


In science we will be learning about animals, including humans, and thinking about how our senses help us to find out about our world.  We will consider how humans change as they grow.  We will be developing our scientific observation skills and asking questions.


We will be talking about the children’s memories of their summer holidays and locating places on the globe.  We will also be developing our mapping skills as we consider our school environment.


As we consider our own past, we will be developing a sense of chronology and an understanding that things – people – change over time. 

Art and Design

We will be looking at ways in which we can represent our memories and families using various media including photography and collage. 

Religious Education

We will be gaining an understanding that what people believe affects the way they think and behave.  We will be exploring the ways in which Christians behave and the importance of the Bible to Christians.   We will be learning about the Bible Creation story, leading into understanding why we celebrate Harvest.


Children need their P.E kit in school everyday, including PE shoes for the games element as some sessions may take place outside. With this in mind, a pair of joggers would be useful for when the weather  gets colder. Earrings cannot be worn during P.E. Children with long hair will need to have it tied up or bring in a band for PE lessons.

Water bottles

All children should bring to school a plastic bottle for fresh water which can be kept in the classroom.  It would be appreciated if the bottle could have a “sports cap” to avoid spillages. 


All children need to have a waterproof coat in school everyday as we will be going out at lunchtime playtime if there is a light drizzle.  As much of our learning will take place in our outdoor environment, your child will need a coat in school so that they can access activities which are outdoors.


Each class has its own Twitter page as well as a class webpage.  Please follow us to find out what your children will have been doing:




Our email addresses can be found on class webpages.

We look forward to meeting you all at our Parents’ Evenings later in the term.  Appointment slips will be sent out nearer the time.  In the meantime, if you have any queries, or anxieties, regarding any aspect of your child’s school life please see us as soon as they arise so that we can find solutions together.

We look forward to a happy and busy year with you all.

Yours sincerely,

Joanne Jones     Georgina Weyman         Fran Tyler         Daryl Bracey        Lisa Fox