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Charlton Kings Infants' School

English Matters

 Welcome to our page 'English Matters'. Here you will find information to help you support your child's learning in reading and writing. 

Phonics is taught throughout Reception and Key Stage 1; the children have daily phonics lessons when they learn the sounds needed to enable them to become proficient readers and writers. They also learn how to spell 'Common Exception Words' (CEWs) that do not always follow the traditional rules of phonics. We would really appreciate your support in learning these words at home so please see the documents below for our termly spelling lists.

At CKIS, we want children to be inspired to write! We aim for them to develop the skills needed to become independent and creative writers. Please encourage your children to write whenever and wherever about whatever interests them. Support them to apply the phonic knowledge they've learned to sound out words independently - please don't worry about every word being spelt correctly in the early stages of writing. However, encourage the children to read through what they have written to check it makes sense and to check for errors that they may have made. Please see the links below for details of 'common exception words'/'tricky words' that we would expect children to spell correctly and for information about phases.

"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you will go" - Dr Seuss - "I can read with my eyes shut." 

 We want children to love reading! Encourage your child to read regularly at home and read to them too. Talk to your child to check they have understood what they have read. Make sure your child writes in their reading diary each week. This is a good way to practise their handwriting, but also gives them an opportunity to comment on what they have read. Reading is such an important skill that is used in all aspects of school that we want the children to want to read and to realise what there is to gain from becoming proficient readers. For ideas on how to interact with your child when they are reading and ideas for what they could write as a comment, please see the links below. 

The correct formation of letters is vitally important from an early stage. If you do any writing with your children please ensure that all your letters are formed correctly. Do not teach your children to write with just captial letters - not even their name! Our handwriting policy and 'Letter-join' information below helps to explain how we teach handwriting at Charlton Kings Infants' School.  If you want to log in to the 'Letter-join' software at home so children can practise, please see the instructions below.


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