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Charlton Kings Infants' School

Year 2 

Y2 - Term 2 Curriculum Letter

Dear Parents, 

Happy New Year and welcome back!

This term

The theme for this term is ‘Long ago...’ The curriculum has been designed so that, where appropriate, other activities are linked to this central theme. Our outdoor and library areas reflect the main theme for the term and are already showing dinosaur environments and volcanoes! 


The children have shown great commitment to the clubs so far this year. Please ensure teachers are informed if your child will not be attending a club. Where clubs are on a rota basis, please check when your child starts and finishes their rotation.



Over the next term we will be developing our descriptive language around our central theme by writing narratives based on dinosaurs and looking at the story of Mary Anning. We will also be learning about letter writing using the book ‘Dear Dinosaur’.

Within these contexts the children will have the opportunity to:


  • Work in groups and listen to each other’s views
  • Read and find information in non-fiction books
  • Create a story using descriptive language and more complex sentence structure
  • Use the first person to write a letter
  • Read aloud with intonation and expression appropriate to the grammar and punctuation of a sentence
  • Secure their understanding and use of simple sentences in their own writing
  • Develop their descriptive language using adjectives and powerful verbs

The children will continue to take part in daily phonics sessions appropriate to their understanding. Reading is also taught during whole class reading sessions and with individual readers.


Please make use of our Mathletics, Maths of the day and Purplemash resources from home to support your child’s learning.

Thank you for supporting your child in the completion of their fortnightly maths homework. If you have any questions about the maths homework please contact your class teacher.

Children can be helped at home with oral maths, addition and subtraction, and counting objects in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. Other skills to practise are telling the time, counting pocket money, looking for prices, weights and liquid measures at the supermarket and in the kitchen. We return regularly to these skills, but any additional practice is invaluable.


The children will be studying the topic of ‘Forces and Movement’.  During this topic children will explore pushes and pulls as forces, how pushes and pulls cause objects to move, stop, change speed, direction and shape. They will explore how forces affect the movements of their bodies during PE and will carry out an investigation where they can compare and record the effects of forces on objects.


The children will be taking part in athletics, games and gymnastics sessions this term. The games will be based on ‘Piggy in the middle’. In gymnastics the children will be learning to combine and develop balances with and without apparatus and develop the range of balances using body shapes. They will also be given the chance to explore these balances on the large wall apparatus. Children also take part in creative afternoons and therefore need their P.E kit in school every day. This should consist of a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, tracksuit bottoms and plimsolls. Earrings cannot be worn during P.E and children with long hair will need to have it tied up.

Art, Design and Technology

This term the children will be exploring a range of art skills through our main topic. They will use a range of different materials and resources to create finished pieces. The children will design and make a ‘3D dinosaur island’ after finding out about the world during the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods.


For our music this term the theme is ‘Taking off’. This unit focuses on exploring instruments and pitch. Children will continue to learn songs during worship and during Friday afternoon creative activities


This term the children will be learning how to create a stop motion animation. The children can support and develop their subject knowledge by accessing ‘Purple Mash’ at home or in school. They have used ‘Scratch’ to look at simple programmes and are able to use ‘if this…then that…’ to describe what is happening.



In RE the children will learn about Islam and what it is like to be a Muslim. They will also explore what they can do for others. In PSHE they will discuss managing risk and understand how to deal with change.


Home Reading and Reading Diaries

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in completing the reading diary with your child. We can really see the results of this effort in your child’s written work in school. 



If your child is physically sick please remember they should not return to school within 48 hours.

Holidays are best taken out of term time to ensure your child does not miss out on school life. 


Parents’ Evenings

We look forward to meeting with you individually in February. 



Neil Owens (Head of KS1)




Eleanor Hunt                        Rebecca Koller                     Jane Morgan