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Charlton Kings Infants' School

Violet Class

Welcome to Violet Class page.


Mrs Hunt is the teacher in Violet Class and the teaching assistants are Mrs Tayler and Mrs Miller.  

Keep looking at our class page to see what we are up to and follow us on Twitter too!

We welcome parent helpers who can come into school. If you can please let us know when you are able to help. Thank you.


Look on our Year 2 page for our letter telling you about our topics this term.


Y2 - Term 2 Curriculum Letter

Dear Parents and Carers,

The children have settled into year 2 well this year. Thank you for your help in making sure they come to school ready to learn.

This term

The main topic this term will be ‘Light and Dark’ where the children will be learning about electricity and light. The curriculum has been designed so that, where appropriate, other activities are linked to this central theme.  Please bring in any scrap modelling material that you may have at home to help with our DT project later in the term.


All the children have settled well in their chosen clubs. If you have any questions regarding clubs please see your class teacher or the teacher of the club you have an enquiry about. Please remember that all after school clubs finish at 3.45pm.


Over the next term we will be studying ‘The owl who was afraid of the dark’, looking at language patterns in poetry and writing a non-fiction book about electricity.

Within these contexts the children will have the opportunity to:

  • read aloud with intonation and expression appropriate to the grammar and punctuation of a sentence;  

  • secure their understanding and use of simple sentences in their own writing; 

  • discuss and compare story themes; 

  • present dialogue using speech bubbles in pictures and speech marks in writing; 

  • write rhyming poems using existing structures

  • use dictionaries, glossaries and reference books.

Spelling and Phonics

Phonics is taught from 8.50-9.15am so please ensure your child is lined up ready with the class at 8.50am. As the children progress through Year 2 we would expect them to become independent spellers using both their phonic knowledge and dictionary skills to spell with increasing accuracy. The spelling lists the children are taking home will continue to introduce new spelling patterns based on the Letters and sounds guidance. By supporting your child’s spelling while they write their reading diary, you will be helping them to apply their phonic skills in context.


Maths homework will begin early this term. This will consist of some activities for children to try at home and a sheet to practise mental arithmetic. This does not need to be returned to school. Children can be helped at home with oral maths, addition and subtraction, and counting objects in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s. Other skills to practise are telling the time, counting pocket money, looking for prices, weights and liquid measures at the supermarket and in the kitchen. We return regularly to these skills, but any additional practice is invaluable.


The children will be studying the topic of ‘Electricity’. During this topic children will look at different types of electricity, create a simple circuit and design their own electrical device. The children will develop scientific investigative skills through observations and recording findings. This will be linked to our Christmas activities.

Art and design

Our design and technology project for this term is called ‘A Christmas decoration’ and will be linked to our science work. This term our art work will have a traditional feel; with the children making cards and calendars for you to treasure at home.


For our music this term we will be continuing ‘Feeling the pulse!’ This unit focuses on exploring the musical elements of pulse and rhythm. We also offer recorder club and choir after school. Children will learn songs during worship and will sing every day at school and during Friday afternoon musical activities.


The children will be taking part in gym and dance sessions this term. The dance the children create is linked with our theme. In gym the children will be learning to remember, repeat and link combinations of gymnastic actions.  Children need their P.E kit in school every day. This should consist of a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, tracksuit bottoms and plimsolls. Earrings cannot be worn during P.E. Children with long hair will need to have it tied up or bring in a band for PE lessons.


This term the children will be learning about computer programming and investigating algorithms (the rules that make computer programs work). We are testing simple computer games to find out how they work. This work can be supported at home by encouraging the children to look at the 2code section of our Purple Mash activities.


Our main religious focus will be Christianity. We shall be looking at the Christmas Story.

Home Reading and Reading Diaries

The class teacher supervises the reading books taken home but the children will choose their own books. These may not always be at your child’s reading level but are to share at home with you. Your child should complete their Reading Diary at least once a week. Each entry must include the date, title of the book and a comment written by your child. As children progress through year two we would expect their comments to become more detailed. The Reading Diaries are an excellent way to support the teaching of writing that happens in school.  It is important to encourage children to read a wide variety of different texts including non-fiction. Books do not have to be returned daily.

Offers of help

Offers of classroom help are always much appreciated. If you do want to help please give your class teacher a note with the times you are available. We are now sorting out which classes will need help and will let you know as soon as possible where you will be helping.


School begins at 8.50am each morning. Please ensure children are lined up ready to enter the classroom just before this time. To ensure the children are kept safe the gate for Magenta and the door for Violet and Indigo class will be shut as soon as the teachers bring the children in from the line.

If your child is physically sick please remember they should not return to school within 48 hours.

We look forward to an exciting Autumn term with you all.

Yours sincerely,

Neil Owens (Head of KS1)

Eleanor Hunt                        Jane Morgan                        Rebecca Koller