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Charlton Kings Infants' School

Eco School




The Eco Committee

Autumn 2016




Indigo Class

Erin Hubbard

Freya Radford

Ben Mason


Magenta Class

Alfie Warburton

Thomas Carroll

Julene Fittock Fernandez


Violet Class

Edie Atack

Alex Bagley

Lola Coombe


Adult Members:


Mrs Koller


Mr Jeffree


Mrs Bagley





We are focussing on recycling this year. At our first Eco Committee meeting we discussed some ideas and events we could hold to promote recycling. These are:

  • eco Christmas decorations

  • book/magazine swaps

  • toy swaps

  • art and craft clubs using recycled materials for their work

If you have any more ideas please see any member of the Eco Committee.


Eco Quiz

Why not test your knowledge and take part in an eco quiz? Just click on the link below.  Test your family and friends.

What new facts did you find out?

Why not create a waste or energy saving pledge with your family at home? It could be sharing bath water or turning the television off at the plug instead of leaving it on standby.

Could you bring the pledge in to share with your class?

Print off a 'waste pledge form' at the bottom of this page.

Cheltenham in Bloom

We were awarded GOLD in the Cheltenham in Bloom competition 2015!